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When I was a teen I used to store all the things I treasured in decorated binders. Any meaningful piece of paper, beautiful picture, magazine article, DIY ideas, quotes, song lyrics…. anything I loved and wanted to preserve.

I would insert them in different sheet protectors, label the clear sheets according to generic group categories, and put these into a folder embellished with stickers or beautiful pictures with clear contact paper on top 🙂

My teen pins

In my view, Pinterest© is a modern version of an old habit, and they managed to take it beyond!

Let’s define a couple of terms you may not yet know:
Pinterest” is an online pin board to collect and share what inspires you.
Pins” are individual images considered worthy of sharing with others or saved for future references.
Boards” are collections of pins organized around a common theme defined by the user. YES, you define your own boards with the names you like… you can be creative, it’s yours!  Continue reading