Organized Holders

Many of us have a small office somewhere in the house… and the visual effect is not always the one we would like to see… often creating distraction from the task we have to do.

On the bookshelves we have not only books but also magazines and some papers and we feel annoyed because they are in the middle of the house. And even though we manage to put them in paper holders, they don’t look good to the eyes.

When we have no choice we can still choose to tackle the issue in the best way possible. Here is a simple and useful tip to deal with it.

First: define what you will store in each of the magazine holders. This will help you with the sorting… and while you peek on the papers you can do some purging!

Second: come up with a name for each group (category?), as a reminder of what’s inside the holders.

Third:  label the holders with that word!

Fourth: group the papers and/or magazines and put them in the magazine holder, then turn them back and attach the label to it.

Folders Before-After

And that’s it! These are helpful tips with little effort. Just look at these two pictures. The containers “contain” exactly the same stuff; however the big difference is the way we face them and the fact that we know what’s inside

And why not do the same at work?



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