Comfortable at work

Can you start your day with a mess around your desk? I guess your answer will probably be: what mess? 😉

Seriously, I can’t. I need to have my space clutter free to feel comfortable and functional; and to be able to concentrate in my job (that for me means to have everything in its own place).

My daughter tells everyone about my organizing skills, and her friends now call me “Norganizer” 🙂

One of her friends asked me for help in organizing her office.

I met her at the office and she explained that she recently moved into a new office space after an employee who quit left the room vacant. Some of the stuff in there was useful to her while others were not. The office is located near the front entrance of the building, and is attached to the sprinkler room. Thus, it has two doorways which must be clear at all times. This made it complicated to move things around much.

My daughter’s friend felt extremely uncomfortable in her new office because of all the clutter. She felt she had no space, and thus she couldn’t function properly.

We discussed how we could maximize her working space by moving the furniture, the desks, computer and filing cabinet present in the room. She only wanted to keep what was absolutely necessary, and remove the items that had no use.  We identified what things were really “needed” to do her job, and which must be kept for other reasons.

Her main obstacle was that her work was split between two desks, one in front of her and one behind her chair, causing her discomfort every time she had to change tasks. Part of the job was spent facing people she had to attend to, and with the computer and phone behind her, the other had to be spent completely turned around, away from others with her back facing the door. Another problem we identified was that even though the office has a nice and sturdy filing cabinet, it wasn’t within arm’s reach. There was another shelving unit closer to where she sits, but it was just taking up precious space, as it had been filled with things that could have been stored away in the drawer space.

We talked about which objects she would need to use every day, and which she would need to use less frequently. I also helped her decide which items could be discarded.

I must say that we came up with a very good solution; mainly by moving the secondary desk to the side wall, forming an L-shape, and placing the filing cabinet closer to her, which she would now be able to reach… plus being a perfect place to put a nice plant on 🙂

Here is a picture of the office as it initially was:

Office Before

Drawing of the proposed new arrangement (note that the shelving unit was left out):

Proposed Design

With some help moving things around, she ended up with a much better place to work on.

This is the picture of how the place looks like now: much comfortable, right?

Office After

  • How do you feel about your workspace?
  • Can you think of any change to make your environment more comfortable and efficient?
  • Would you find the assistance of a Professional Organizer helpful?


One thought on “Comfortable at work

  1. This is amazing! It looks like you really have a natural talent for visualizing space efficiency. I think everyone could use a professional organizer, including myself!
    Thanks for the post!

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