I feel that working with Nora has transformed me.  I am much more organized, I don’t spend as much time looking for things and I am more productive.  I am also not stressed when I am leaving to go on a sales appointment as I know where everything is.
Thanks so much for all your help.
Laura B. – Sep 2012

For a few years, I literally suffered every time I went into my basement.  That room was out of control, it was time to do something about it. Of course, that deciding and actually doing it are two very different things.  It wasn’t till I got Nora’s help that I was capable of tackling that task.  Nora’s calm and friendly disposition, her knowledge, organizational skills, and help were definitely an essential factor to get this task accomplished. She followed through to the last detail and lift an enormous burden off my shoulders.   I would recommend Nora to anyone that is looking to get organized or need help on doing it.

Thank you, Nora, for transforming my basement.

Sandra S. – Jan 2016

Nora guided me and helped me organize and thus achieve my goal of a clean and easy to access place.
She created for me a system based on my needs. It made everything so much easier.

The organization improved my life significantly and reduced the time spent searching for anything when needed.

Now I feel organized! Thank you.

V. – Jan 2013


As digital work is becoming more popular, I started to work from home more and more. Working from the kitchen table proved to be very distracting and inappropriate especially having a very nice, bright room/den in my main floor that could be converted into office space….although it was the room where everybody damped any items we didn’t know where to put (boxes/family photos/ books/ unfinished puzzles/ computer accessories/ winter apparel/ etc, etc you get the idea!)

I didn’t know how or where to start for months, without making any progress.

When I contacted Nora, she made herself available right away to accommodate to my schedule and my needs. She came prepared, asking a lot of questions to understand the best way to achieve our purpose. She was very professional and “Non-Judgmental” which made me feel very comfortable about showing our private mess to a stranger!

She had really great ideas that we put to work and know how to do it. She approached the matter in a comprehensive way, taking advantage of all the spaces that I have at home to allow for a long term solution. We assigned “a place for everything” that allowed us to start organizing. The process took time but we achieved so much more than I bargained for because now there are 3 rooms organized and have a System that works for our family. I would recommend Nora for all your organizing needs, she is great!!

Cynthia M. – April 2017

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