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Dropbox™ me a Pic!

In this blog I want to speak about a website/tool that I really love! It’s fantastic, and useful, and very easy to use… and free!

The whole idea behind this site is to share files. You upload files of any kind to share with you 🙂 or with somebody else.

Yes… it’s not a mistake! What I mean with you sharing files with yourself is that they are stored in a place where you can retrieve them from, using any computer. For example, you upload pictures that are in your hard drive and then show them to your friends and family using any computer or a device with the APP.

But even better  … you can share your folders with others so that they see what you uploaded in their own devices! And of course, they can upload files themselves to share them with you.

For example, my brother had a baby and I live abroad. I really “need” to get pictures to see how he is growing up!

My brother creates albums (folders) and uploads pictures, and I can see them all by just logging in to the website… and not only that, I can show off my nephew’s pictures using the Dropbox APP installed in my phone!!! And believe me… I do 🙂 Continue reading