Archive | May 4, 2012

Hook on the door

If you’ve made up your mind at night on what to wear the next day, where do you prepare the outfit? Over the chair piled with clothes that you wore during the week? 😉

Let’s say you are taking a shower and want to have your outfit ready when you come out. Do you feel comfortable leaving the clothes on top of the bed or inside the bathroom (on the counter top)? I don’t… mmm

I often choose a few options of what to wear and can’t decide what best matches my shirt. And not always have the time or patience to take everything out of its hanger to try on the different alternatives.

I recently discovered a hanging door-hook that can help me facilitate all these “struggles”.

The hook on the door

It hangs on my walk-in closet door (that usually stays open) and I use it with several hangers. Continue reading